Our Vision

Our vision is to do whatever it takes to reach people that are far from God.  We desire to be a church that gives the Hope of Jesus to our community and our world.  However, we believe it first begins with reaching our community - our #1 mission-field.   We believe it is the responsibility of EVERY follower of Jesus to live a life on mission. 

Hope Church desires to reach Alamance County and beyond with the love and message of Jesus. We want to live a life where we engage our neighbors, friends, family and co-workers with the Gospel in everyday life. Secondly, we as a church body want to engage culture and we do that through partnering with existing organizations. In an effort to meet our goals, we partner with existing local and church planting organizations to reach our community and our state for Jesus.

Hope Initiatives

Hope 4 Alamance

What is Hope Awareness?
As part of our Hope Initiative, it is our mission to bring hope to everyone we come in contact with.  Our message of Hope isn't tied to conditions or hoops you need to jump through to be received.  We believe that Hope is a free gift and one that should be given regularly.  It is our desire to bring hope to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime we possibly can. 

How Do We Give Hope?
We believe that God has not called us to just live here in our community, but to make a difference in it.  

Why Give Hope? 
Because we believe that Jesus is our greatest Hope and our life mission is for others to have the ultimate Hope that is wrapped up in a relationship with Jesus.

Community Partners

A Heart's Cry
A Heart's Cry is a Pregnancy Resource and Counseling Center located in Graham. They provide Team Counseling, Confidential Counseling, Pregnancy Resources and Abortion Recovery.

Salvation Army
The Salvation Army provides about 3,400 people a month with food. Each month, the organization gives about emergency five- to seven-day food supply boxes to needy families. In addition, the organization gives out weekly bags of fresh produce and bread, supplied by donations from Target and Lowe’s Foods, local farms and individual donors.

Sustainable Alamance
Sustainable Alamance helps men who have made mistakes and served time in prison, to get back on their feet again. They help people who need jobs learn skills using biblical principles.

Hope 4 Ethiopia

Ethiopia Child Sponsorship

Ethiopia is a beautiful country filled with amazing people. Hope Church has the privilege to partner with leaders in Ethiopia, working with them to provide educational, health, micro finance, and vocational training. The focus of Hope Church is with the Oromo people who are located southeast of the capital city of Addis Ababa.

Our sponsorship program gives individuals and families the chance to impact the life of a child in need while creating a personal relationship with them. With a monthly commitment of $38, you can make a profound difference in the life of a child. Our child sponsorship program improves the community through the development of healthy minds and bodies while strengthening a child’s spiritual development.

As a sponsor you will get:

  • A profile card introducing you to your sponsored child. The profile card comes with a photo of your child and information on your child’s life and community.
  • An annual progress report on your sponsored child’s academic and social life. Each year we share a photo of your child and a report on their development.
  • An opportunity to pray for your sponsored child and have a positive influence on their life and their community.

How will my $38 impact a child's life?

Your child will have access to:

  • Education or vocational training
  • Healthy meals
  • Regular health checkups, dental care and routine vaccinations
  • Sports, field trips and art programs, where they get to just be kids
  • Age-appropriate Christian teaching and discipleship that will help them find hope in the gospel

Every dollar donated is used efficiently to ensure maximum distribution to your child. We maintain low administrative costs at a percentage of 6%. This allows the funds to go towards improving the life of your child. Here is an average breakdown of the distribution of your funds towards a sponsored child in our program.



Sponsor a Child

Hope 4 Haiti

Hope 4 Haiti Missions Trips

Second Chance Global

Sponsor a Child